“Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati (DJUG), the oldest higher education institution in the South East region of Romania, with a tradition recognised in multiple domains and an identity legitimated by the actual configuration of all the study and research domains, represents:
• a university which assumes the mission to continue the Romanian higher education training tradition through quality higher education, an efficient learning process, competitive scientific research, but also through quality services provided to the community and the contribution to ensuring general, specific and attitudinal competences of their graduates, in view of developing exceptional professional personalities and an efficient social insertion;
• a university with its own patrimony and an infrastructure which is adequate for research;
• a university whose international cooperation has not only presupposed simple activities like mobilities, but complex ones also (in terms of curricula harmonization, scientific titles obtained abroad, etc.), a university which has not restricted its collaboration to participation in international activities, but has functioned as an important international interest centre itself. 

“Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati is a public institution which supports and promotes the development of specific professional values within the local, regional, national and international community. In the present day context, these values are the following:
• active culture based on innovative and systematic knowledge;
• the culture of scientific and technological competences, organisational competences and civil competences;
• culture for innovative learning, personal and moral development, pro-active attitude and participation;
• culture for integration in diversity and of globalisation, with respect for identity and reciprocity;
• culture for developing human resources and valorising all qualifications obtained by graduates of all study cycles in the university.

The vision of the university is based exclusively on generating knowledge through scientific research, on transmitting knowledge through education and professional training, and on valorising knowledge through technological innovation.

Strategic Objectives

• revitalizing the educational and scientific mission. Diversifying the educational offer and all training services, doubled by curricular reform
• sustaining research environment, technological development and innovation competitive on national and international level, which can transform DJUG into an excellency pole focused on generating knowledge and technological transfer, with a direct impact on the increase in performance, the quality of teaching activities and of services provided for the community.  
• promoting a healthy climate for training, development and human resources motivation;
• developing the existing patrimony. Initiating a long and medium term relevant investment programme and identifying financial support for it. Consolidating the educational and scientific research material basis and accelerating the process of advanced research equipment modernization;  
• developing a real and active partnership with students;
• designing and operating modern administrative and academic structures, whose activity will be based on decentralised decision-making, financial autonomy and direct participation of all involved;
• internationalization;
• developing a close partnership with the society at large.