“Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati is the most important institution of higher education in the South-East of Romania.

 “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati functions according to the university Charter, whose provisions are in agreement with the national legislation and with the principles of the European Space and Higher Education, being recognized by all members of the university community.

The history of higher education in Galati covers the following stages:

1948: establishment of the Land Improvement Institute;
1951: establishment of the Naval-Mechanical Institute;
1953: merging the Naval-Mechanical Institute with the Agronomic Institute, and with the Fish Farming and Fishing Institute (transferred from other university centres), and the establishment of the Technical Institute in Galati;
1955: merging of the Technical Institute with the Food Industry Institute in Bucharest;
1957: transforming the Technical Institute into the Polytechnic Institute;
1959: establishment of the Pedagogic Institute and relocation of the Land Improvement Institute to Iaşi;
1974: establishment of the University of Galati by merging the Polytechnic Institute with the Pedagogic Institute (State Council Decree of 20th March 1974);
1991: the University of Galati becomes “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati (Government Decision of 4th January 1991).

In the structure of the above mentioned institutes, there were a series of study programmes that were unique in the country: Naval Constructions, Harbours and Ship Exploitation, Food Industry, Fish Farming Technology, Cooling Devices – which meant that an important creation process on elaborating educational curricula and syllabi, lectures, laboratory equipment etc., presently being used in other university centres around the country, was fully the work of the academics in Galati higher education.  

Establishment decree

Decree of acquiring the name