The Danube’s water front
The waterfront is a green recreational area for walking, sports competitions and recitals. Boats moored on the shores of the Danube are converted into restaurants.
The Restaurant of the Television Tower
Is located at the highest altitude in Romania and has an international quotation. Only Berlin and Toronto are located in greater heights premises. And that is something unique for our country.
The Botanical Garden
It is built on an area of 2km. It owns collections of plants from tropical and subtropical areas (cactuses, euphorbia, palm trees, croton, geranium, begonias etc.) and the rosary which includes over 200 varieties of roses.
Orthodox cathedral
Built between 1906-1917, the Orthodox Cathedral was built after the plans of architects Petre Antonescu and Stefan Burcus, who combined the styles of the time with local tradition. Cathedral hosts an important treasure of sacred objects with historical value and outstanding patrimony.
Natural Sciences Museum Complex
The Botanical Gardens on the south bank, hosts a 7 metres (23 ft) planetarium. There is also an aquarium displaying rare species of the Danube basin and the Mediterranean Sea as well as exotic fish.
Galați History Museum
The museum was inaugurated on 24 January 1939. This was the 80th anniversary of the union of the Romanian principalities. It is housed in the residence of Cuza, Galati's chief magistrate. In 1951, after world war II, scientific activity resumed at the museum. In 1956, some items were donated to the Natural History museum and the museum of art. The finds from Tirighina-Barbosi, are housed in this museum.
Alexandru Ioan Cuza Memorial House
Cuza's former residence houses a retrospective display of his life.
Visual Arts Museum
When the Galati visual arts museum opened in 1967, it was the first contemporary arts museum in Romania. It has halls and outdoor exhibit spaces. There are also spaces for artists' workshops. The heritage section exhibits Romanian art in the second half of the nineteenth and avant-garde art from the twentieth century.