1. The loss of the study document is published in the Official Gazette of Romania (ways of sending the documents for publication - by post or directly at the headquarters, Str. Panduri no. 1, Bucharest)

2. With the original gazette, you must go to a notary and request a standard declaration.

3. The following documents are sent by post to "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati, str. Domneasca no. 47, Galati, postal code 800008:

  • application to the rector for the release of the copy:
  • the original monitor
  • notary declaration
  • 2 ID photo
  • fiscal stamp
  • certified copy of the birth certificate

4. The duplicate shall be drawn up in 3-4 weeks from the submission of the documents.

5. You must return by phone to no. (0040) 0336-130118 to be sure the duplicate is prepared and signed.

6. The document is issued only to the graduate. A fee must be paid.