Copy of Bachelor, Engineer, graduate degree 200 RON
Copy of PhD degree 200 RON
Diploma supplement, Transcript of Records 150 RON
Certificate for postgraduate pedagogical programme for graduates 50 RON
Certificate for introductory, conversion, training, advanced, professional development courses 50 RON
Copy of postgraduate diploma 100 RON
Emergency documents 200 RON
Analytical programs 100 RON
Transcript of Records for former students 50 RON
Equivalence proof for seniority 20 RON
Certified copies 50 RON
Foreign language certificates for:  
  • for University staff and unemployed person
  • for University students
  • other students
  • for public education and research teachers/professors, pensioners
  • for scholarships or research, registration for PhD studies, other scientific or educational purposes
  • for requests in the field of tourism, promotion or employment files, other situations
100 RON
25 RON
100 RON
100 RON
150 RON

200 RON