The Romanian Preparatory Year is for foreign citizens who do not know Romanian and wish to attend university or postgraduate studies in Romania.

Foreign citizens are people from a European Union state or a third country.

Foreign citizens may be registered at the Romanian Preparatory Year, within higher education institutions, according to the legal provisions regarding the organization and functioning of the Romanian Preparatory Year.

The one-year, full-time academic program (2 semesters x 14 weeks) is addressed to foreign citizens who wish to gain entry to a Romanian degree program (undergraduate, masters, PhD level). The attendance at Romanian language courses is compulsory.

Citizens from European Union member states, citizens from the European Economic Space, from the Swiss Confederation and from EU third countries who are interested in attending “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati will be enrolled in undergraduate and post-graduate studies only after graduating the Romanian language preparatory year or on the basis of a Romanian language certificate. During the preparatory year, the candidates will learn the necessary Romanian language vocabulary, as well as the specific vocabulary needed for the future studies.

Foreign citizens from European Union member states and non-EU states attending the Romanian preparatory course are required to pay a fee of 220 Euro/month.

The candidate shall submit the above documents directly to the University which further sends them to the Romanian Ministry of Education.