The research-development-innovation office provides the organizational and informational framework for the implementation and development of institutional research policies and strategies, as well as assistance, advice and logistical support for launching and carrying out scientific research projects, centralizing and reporting research results through activities aimed at:
  • The dissemination of information regarding the competitions of projects, grants, contracts;
  • Technical and financial assistance for the submission of new project proposals;
  • Managing the scientific research programs and projects carried out at UDJG;
  • Financial monitoring during the development of projects, grants, contracts;
  • Cooperation between the administrative departments of the university, involved in the development of projects;
  • Monitoring the development of projects and the operative information of university management on the progress of each project;
  • The management of records regarding the scientific research activity as a whole;
  • Providing assistance with audit and on-site visits for the projects carried out;
  • Record of the patents of invention held by UDJG.
  • Annual statistical report on the research activity;
  • Institutional report on the conduct of the research activity and its financing;
  • Reports on the financing of projects from structural funds.