1st cycle – Undergraduate studies, 2nd cycle – Master studies

The structure specific for each faculty for the final years of studies will be submitted by the faculties to the Secretary General Directorate in order to be approved by the Executive Board.
The activity and vacation periods for the teaching staff during the 2019 – 2020 academic year according to the basic norm are:

* - During this time, professors will spend one day of vacation during the exam session.

According to the Order of the Minister of Educational, Research, Youth and Sports no. 5559/07.10.2011 regarding the approval of the Methodological norm on the provision of recreational leave for teaching staff in education article 1, paragraph 3: “University teaching staff shall be entitled to paid holiday leave during university vacations of at least 40 working days.”
Legal public holidays provided by the legislation in force are:
  • 30th November 2019;
  • 1st December 2019, 25th December 2019 and 26th December 2019;
  • 1st January 2020, 2nd January 2020 and 24th January 2020;
  • 17th April 2020, 19th April 2020 and 20th April 2020;
  • 1st May 2020;
  • 1st June 2020, 7th June 2020 and 8th June 2020;
  • 5th August 2020.
Approved by the Council of Administration’s Decision no. 2 of 12th of February 2019 and the Senate’s Decision no. 61 of 15th of February 2019.