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The history of the Faculty of Food Science and Engineering begins in 1948 when the Food Institute of Bucharest was established (Decree no. 175/1948). It was created from a faculty and four departments: Milling-Bakery, Dairy Products, Canned Food, and Extractive Industries. The Food Institute worked in Bucharest until the academic year 1954/1955.

In the academic year 1955/1956, the Food Institute was transferred to Galati within the Technical Institute, after in 1953 the Faculty of Fisheries had been also transferred from Constanta.

From the autumn of 1955 the Technical Institute of Galati was transformed into the Polytechnic Institute of Galati, which operated with two faculties:
  • Faculty of Mechanics;
  • Faculty of Food Technology and Fishing Technology (Decree 1608/1955).

In 1974, the University of Galati is established (Decree 105/1974) and from 1991 becomes "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati. In 2002, by no. 410/2002 published in the Official Gazette of Romania part I no. 313/2002, the name of the faculty is changed in "Faculty of Food Science and Engineering".

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