Galati Student’s League
The oldest and most important student organisation is the Galati Student’sLeague, with a history of 17 years in student representation. It is a student syndicate that actively promotes, encourages and defends student rights at a local and at a national level. It is a fully privileged member of ANOSR – (The National Association of Student Organisations from Romania), which is a member of ESU.
With a long term continuous activity in student representation, the Galati Student’s League is involved in all corners of student’s private and academic activities. It is well known and appreciated amongst the student body and constantly hosts cultural and pastime activities.
Some of these events include:
  • the Freshmen’s Ball – a unique and fairly complex activity programme (the training period alone lasts for 6 weeks) that is meant to both initiate new students in college life and give them a pleasant experience
  • Olimp - X – a fun sports competition
  • a free annual concert for all students in celebration of the League’s anniversary day
  • events in collaboration with the Student’s Cultural Centre
  • field trips
  • student’s New Year party
The Student’s League organizes student elections and oversees student representative’s activity so as to ensure a fair representation of student rights. It also holds weekly meetings that are open for all students to attend and discuss subjects that concern them directly.
The Bessarabian Student’s Club – CSBB
It is part of the Galati Student’s League and was especially created to meet the needs of Romanian ethnic students coming from Bessarabia. It tends to the needs of these particular students and has projects such as the Bessarabian Freshmen Tutoring Programme, which includes a complete guide on how to arrive in Galati, become a student at “Dunărea de Jos” University and start college life. Students also receive a personal tutor in the person of an older, more experienced Bessarabian student. This club also hosts a celebration for its anniversary which includes a full week of creative events and activities.
AIESEC – Association Internationale des étudiants en sciences économiques et commerciales
Mainly created for Economical and Commercial Science Students, but they accept students with other majors too. It is an international profession-based organisation that emphasises on practical projects and demonstrations and on cultural exchanges. Offers international student exchange opportunities.
ASCOR – Romanian Christian Orthodox Students Association
Mainly for students majoring in Theology, but open to anybody willing to adhere. It organises many religious and spiritual activities, including conferences, concerts, poetry contests, plays, pilgrimages. The Galaţi Student’s League has a long-time collaboration with ASCOR and they often organise joint events or participate in each other’s activities.