The Public Gardens
It was set up in 1864 during the burgrave Iorgu Ghica. During the administration of Alecu Moruzzi, the gardens extended its surface. Located near the Student Housing Campus, it is a very beautiful area for rest and recreation.

Mihai Eminescu Park
It was set up between 1880 and 1881 when Costache Vârlan was mayor. In 1913, it was praised like a true English park. On October 16th, 1911, the marble monument for Mihai Eminescu was revealed, the work of sculptor Frederic Storck. This park still has several trees since Mihai Eminescu who stayed here many times, especially in his final years.

Carol I Park (C.F.R.)
The park is located near the railway, next to the railway tunnel. It serves the inhabitants living North of the railway.

Cloşca Park
The park was named after one of the initiators of the rebellion “Horia, Coşca şi Crişan”. It is a large park, situated at the junction of the largest boulevards in Galati, and hosts various monuments from the metal sculpture camp.

Rizer Park
Local authorities intend to build a new building for the Museum of Visual Arts here.

Liberty Park
It hosts the statue of the Ukrainian hetman Ivan Mazeppa. It is a middle-size park.

Spicu Park
Is a relatively small park, similar to a promenade area; it has no delimitation. Here is the statue of the burgrave Costache Negri (1812-1876).

Brateş Lake
It is situated in the nearby vicinity of Galați (practically adjacent to the northern part of the city); the largest meadow lake in Romania. It is an important fishing facility and a very attractive touristic site.

Buciumeni Forest
Situated in Galați County, close to the border with Bacău and Vaslui counties, Buciumeni forest is a wonderful place. It has more than 800 hectares, and is one of the most beautiful beech forests in the hill area, having century old trees. In its vicinity, there are renowned wine cellars and vineyards (in Nicoreşti), but also an important archaeological site with finds dating from the Neolithic Age (Poiana).     

Gârboavele Forest Natural Reservation
It is a forest reservation of national interest, with a surface of 230 hectares, situated approximately 15 km North-East of Galați County. It protects the habitat of natural forest with fluffy oak and grey oak trees in the hill area, but also species of shrubs specific to forest-steppe associations.

Galați's nightlife can be easily matched with the one that you usually see in other European countries and cities. There is something for everyone here, and the lively people and the great atmosphere make any choice as a good one for a night out. Whether you are having a traditional dinner in a fancy restaurant, get a cheap and tasty beer in a student's bar or just dancing all night long in a posh nightclub among beautiful Romanian women.

In the weekends it is possible to party starting from evening to the dawn. Come and check it out yourself! Students like to gather in bars and have cappuccinos and cocktails. It is a great way to spend few hours with your friends and check the local atmosphere. Locals also love to go in underground pubs, with good live music and medieval atmosphere.
The nightclubs are the favorite places for the wealthy to steam off, but students also love the hip-hop haunts and the latest sounds of the pop charts. The entrance fees are much lower than the western ones. Generally, the safety in Romanian nightclubs is not a problem.

Enjoy student life!