We hope that those joining our university will be academically confident and keen to enhance their personal and community life. If you care for others they will grow to care for you. So join us and learn and develop in original and unique ways.
We cannot live in an ivory tower – it’s much too lonely inside. Live with others and grow as you learn, letting your words and deeds influence others. Then you will realise that you are never alone and your smile will reveal your true self to others. You will be enriched and stronger, you will feel connected to all those around you and beyond. We believe that we can teach to smile, to be stronger, to be more successful, to achieve – through your own energies and beliefs. We believe that we can help you reach your full potential, forge your own future, finding your place in the world and making the most of every second of your life.
I want our students to be excited by the joys of discovery in a multicultural environment. I invite you to work out your own career and path through life; I see you as a sturdy tree, your deep roots drawing sustenance from your family and culture, building your trunk through your education and the knowledge you garner here with us, the blossom and leaves that flourish on your branches will be a delight for you and those around you.
Be engaged and engaging.
Spend time with people who are different; entice them. Your life will be enhanced and transformed by this experience of difference.