Sports and Physical Education Facilities
Students have the use of a modern Sports Centre with both indoor and outdoor activities. The Centre’s main building is spacious and fully equipped for playing basketball, volleyball, handball and practicing gymnastics. The outside courts are arranged for football, basketball and tennis playing. There are also additional sport spaces such as a smaller gymnastics building near one of the dorms and two separate, small gyms inside two teaching buildings. Students also have the use of the Portul Rosu Stadium for activities such as long distance running or sprints.
There are also two fully equipped students gyms – one for male and one for female students. Each gym is located inside a dorm and each of them can accept 10 people at one time.
Extracurricular Activities
Student’s private life and extracurricular activities can be very rewarding because of the many given opportunities and weekly, monthly or yearly events.
Student’s Cultural Centre
With a history of over 50 years, the Student Cultural Centrehas a wide range of educational, artistic, cultural projects and activities, including sports events.
The Centre’s facilities include:
  • A theatre room – for the rehearsals of the theatre clubs
  • A music room – for the rehearsals and the recordings of the music bands
  • A mirror room – for the rehearsals of the dance, theatre, fashion, aerobics and aikido clubs
  • The main Stage Hall – with a total capacity of 350 seats, it hosts main events such as the Freshmen’s Ball, conferences, big performances, plays.
  • The Studio room – it can seat 90 people and it hosts smaller conferences or events.
  • An additional Conference room – with 20 seats.
  • Photo studio
Some of the Centre’s activities include:
  • The “Baladele Dunării” National Student Folk Music Festival
  • The “S’live rock” National Student Rock Music Festival
  • The National Breakdance Festival
  • The “ActFest” National Student Theatre Festival
  • The “Extravagance” National Student Fashion Festival
  • The “Operațiunea Monstrul” National Student Competitive Fishing Contest
The Cultural Centre also hosts poetry clubs, debate clubs, tourism clubs, etc.
The Centre also manages Club S, the well appreciated student night club.