The DAAD offers various individual scholarship programmes. The scholarships are awarded to younger university graduates (and in exceptions, also to advanced students) from all academic disciplines as well as from the fields of music, art, and performing arts. Funding is also available for young and early-stage researchers, university teachers and groups of students completing study visits under the guidance of a university teacher. This support is largely financed by the Federal Foreign Office from public funds made available to it.

In the section DAAD scholarships you find detailed information regarding the programmes. (studentsgraduatesacademic or research staffuniversity teachers)
As a rule, scholarships are preferentially awarded to members of Romanian higher education institutions (students, graduates, academic or research staff, university teachers) or to the staff of Romanian research institutes.
Applicable to all individual scholarship programmes: Applicants who at the time of starting their scholarship have already been in Germany for more than 2 years cannot be considered.
Romanian applicants have to complete for most of the scholarship programs an online-application form which has to be attached in a printed version to the dossier. For detailed information regarding the online-application procedure please click here.
Scholarship selections are made by independent commissions (as a rule, German und Romanian university teachers). The decision is solely based on the applicant's academic qualification and on the academic assessment of the planned study or research project.
Detailed information on what application papers need to be submitted can be found in the description of the scholarship programmes. Under the section DAAD scholarships you find detailed information regarding the programmes. The information is also provided as pdf download. (studentsgraduatesacademic or research staffuniversity teachers)
For further information consult the central DAAD scholarship database.
In the section forms / checklists we provide different checklists. The lists will help you to compile the necessary documents. Please make sure that you read the checklists in order to submit a complete dossier.
The DAAD will not consider incomplete applications.
As a rule, a pre-selection round or an assessment of incoming applications is carried out by a pre-selection committee. The pre-selection committee may be made up of local university teachers, of DAAD-placed German university teachers and Lektors, Goethe Institute lecturers, representatives of the relevant ministries, representatives of partner organisations of the DAAD, or of representatives from the relevant DAAD Regional Office. In Romania pre-selection takes place in December.
The final decision is generally made by a Selection Committee of German university teachers on which staff members from DAAD Head Office in Bonn also sit. However, the latter only sit on the committee in a non-voting capacity. Final selection takes place in March at Bonn. Candidates receive the results in April.
Exception - Study scholarships for Graduates of all disciplines / ERP-scholarships:
Applicants who passed the pre-selection are invited to an interview in Bucharest, which is scheduled for February / March. Candidates receive the final results in April.