On 12-14 June 2024, an event dedicated to the development of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) at the European level took place, entitled "Start a Civil Society Organization at European Level - Local Dissemination Event". The event was organized under the aegis of the project CSO Admin: Civil Society Organisations and Youth Engagement and aimed to promote the involvement of young people in the establishment and management of civil society organizations.

The first day of the event was dedicated to the presentation of the CSO Admin project and the MOOC platform. Participants had the opportunity to learn more about the CSO Admin project and explore the interactive courses available on the MOOC platform, accessible at and These educational resources are designed to encourage the involvement of young people in the process of setting up and managing CSOs.

The second day of the event focused on the importance of young people in civil society and their active role in CSOs. The discussions emphasized the need to involve young people in public life and how they can contribute to the development of their communities through participation in CSOs. Participants further explored the MOOC platform and discussed various youth engagement strategies.
On the last day of the event, the focus was on the advantages and challenges of setting up a civil society organization at the European level. The perspectives of young people in the development of today's society and how they can overcome existing challenges were also discussed. The MOOC platform continued to be a focal point of discussion, providing essential resources for young people interested in this field.
For more information about the CSO Admin project and to access the online courses, visit: and