The academic community of the Cooperative-Commercial University of Moldova (UCCM) participated today at the ceremony of awarding the title of doctor honoris causa to Professor Puiu-Lucian GEORGESCU, PhD, Rector of "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati.

 "In this solemn moment, we, the members of the academic community of the Cooperative-Commercial University of Moldova, wish to express our admiration and friendship for a visionary spirit and an internationally renowned researcher. His Excellency, professor Puiu-Lucian GEORGESCU, PhD, distinguishes himself through a prodigious career, which harmoniously combines research activity, teaching activity and management of research and development projects, a relevant component of a complex personality. His career is rich and telling, his managerial qualities, professional attitude, and ability to coordinate national and international research programs, recommending him as an outstanding personality of the academic community", reads the laudatio presented to the public by the Rector of UCCM, Professor Larisa ŞAVGA.

"Since 2019 until now, as Rector of "Dunarea de Jos" University, professor Puiu-Lucian GEORGESCU, PhD, strengthened relations with UCCM, becoming not only a reliable partner, but also a personality that is present at all scientific events of interest in the field of cross-border cooperation.

The career of a personality is defining, but in order to complete the image of our distinguished collaborator, we must also talk about Rector Puiu-Lucian GEORGESCU, thus, his fine humor and harsh lines, the subtle way with which he draws the essence of problems and identifies solutions, the vast culture, displayed volubly and casually, the capacity for empathy and understanding, the energetic and colorful presence are just some of the qualities of the one who honors us today with his presence at the anniversary hour",  it also shows in the laudatio.