The ION project is a technological and research initiative developed pro bono by Artificial Intelligence experts from Romania in collaboration with the best Romanian researchers and professors. ION will represent the missing link in real-time communication between citizens and governments, a system that will use artificial intelligence to quickly and automatically capture the opinions of Romanians everywhere to help them be heard.

The digitization of means of communication and the extensive use of social networks has fundamentally changed the way Romanians react to the dynamic social and political context in society. Social media comments - be they positive or negative - about the various services that state institutions deliver provide strong indications of citizen satisfaction as a measure of public administration performance, as well as opportunities for improvement. It becomes essential that decision-makers have the necessary tools to extract this information and be able to use it in their decision-making processes. The initiative has no commercial role it's a voluntary effort of the experts involved.

"Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati, through the Faculty of Automation, Computer Sciences, Electronics, and Electrical Engineering, is a partner in this Artificial Intelligence project.