During the 20th Edition of the International Salon of Scientific Research, Innovation and Invention PRO INVENT 2022 from Cluj-Napoca, organized by the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, the Faculty of Food Science and Engineering within "Dunarea de Jos" University" of Galati, participated with five innovative products that are in the patent stage.

The idea started by supporting the circular economy by capitalizing on agro-food by-products (beetroot skins, red grape skins, red onion skins), important sources of colorants, flavoring compounds, and natural antioxidants, which can replace synthetic additives and contribute to obtaining natural, healthy food products.

A group of teaching staff and doctoral students, represented by Professor Georgiana Horincar Ph.D., Daniela Serea Ph.D., and  Florina Stoica Ph.D., presented products such as Alvița with the addition of beetroot skin powder, Meringue with the addition of beetroot skin powder, Gluten-free biscuits with the addition of red grape skin powder (Black baby), Beer supplemented with powder from the skin of red grapes (Băbeasca neagra) and yogurt sauce with the addition of microencapsulated extract from red onion skins. By adding these natural ingredients, the products obtained have been enriched in compounds of high biological value, natural, which bring many benefits to the body, and significantly improve the sensory characteristics, contributing to increasing the attractiveness and confidence of consumers in food products.

The products presented were tasted by the participants and visitors of the salon, which is highly appreciated. Thus, the products were awarded 4 Gold Medals by the Proinvent Salon, 3 Silver Medals awarded by the Technical University of Moldova. Proinvent Medal awarded by the Proinvent Salon, a Medal awarded by OSIM Republic of Moldova, "Andrei Ripianu" special prize awarded by the Salon Proinvent, and a special prize awarded by the Polytechnic University of Timișoara and also other Diplomas of Excellence.