“Dunărea de Jos'' University of Galati organizes a new admission session for two distance learning and part-time study programmes. There are 8 places at the Faculty of Engineering and Agronomy in Brăila, specialising in Agriculture – part-time study programme (in Buzău) and 17 places at the Faculty of Letters, specialising in Romanian Language and Literature - English Language and Literature – distance learning (in Galați).
The timetable for the admission examinations is as follows:
  •  20 - 22 September 2022 (22 September until 12.00 am) - registration at the specially arranged centers (in Galați and Buzău)
  • 22 - 23 September 2022 - posting of final results and resolution of appeals*.
  • 26 September 2022 - start of the enrolment period for the first year and signing of the study contracts for the academic year 2022/2023

*Note: Candidates must submit their complete application form with their original Baccalaureate Diploma.