The students of the Faculty of Engineering participated, between May 24-26, 2022, in the 11th Edition of the National Conference of Students and Students in the Field of Engineering Sciences, Tehnonav Junior, organized by "Ovidius" University of Constanța. The students from Galaţi presented three works, two of which were appreciated by the members of the jury as being very valuable.

Thus, the student Năstase Mihaita, from the 4th year, member of the Student Scientific Circle "Polymer Processing", was rewarded with the first prize for the work entitled "Machine at 1/12 scale radio-controlled 3D printed", made under the guidance of Professor Cătălin Fetecău, Ph.D.  and Professor Felicia Stan Ph.D.

Also, the student Stoica Mădălin-Daniel, from year IV, was rewarded with the 3rd prize for the work entitled "Digitization of product launch through AVAL method" made under the guidance of Associate Professor Florin Susac Ph.D. and Professor Gabriel-Radu Frumușanu Ph.D.

At each edition of the Tehnonav Junior National Conference, the students from Galaţi won prizes.