The second edition of the ACIEE - HACKATHON student competition, organized by Faculty of Automation, Computer sciences, Electronics and Electrical engineering, took place online on December 8-10, 2021. Teamwork, innovative ideas, and problem-based thinking and/or solutions led to the solution of this year's theme of the contest: The creation of a hardware-software system to control the movement of a "pan & tilt" system, with a video camera attached to follow an object (a ping-pong ball) - located in the area of ​​interest.
The 11 teams had 48 hours and the necessary hardware equipment for the competition (Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB, Raspberry Pi 4 USB-C power supply, Raspberry Pi V2 camera, Kingston 32GB MicroSD with SD adapter, Micro HDMI to HDMI cable, pan-tilt camera support), purchased under the project "Increasing access to and integration into higher education through measures to reduce university dropouts and career counseling for students" - ACCES (CNFIS-FDI-2020-0336).
The 1st prize was won by the team “It's not a bug, it's a feature” made up of students: 4th year Lupoae Dana-Andreea, 4th year Grigoras Ana Maria, 4th year Oanca George Cristian, 2nd year Cînepă Ioan Teodor, 2nd year Agache Andrei Alexander;
The 2nd prize was won by the “Rebooters” team made up of students: 3rd year Anghel Mihaela-Claudia, 2nd year Labus Andrei-Petrisor, 2nd year Platica Denis, 1st year Daniel Valentin Petrea;
“The BionicBerries” team is made up of students: 4th year Prunean Raluca Andrada, 4th year Ghiorghița Gabriel Alexandru, 4th year Bejan Ana-Camelia, 4th year Ilie Ștefan, won the 3rd Prize.
“The Elephants” team made up of students: 4th year Dima Mihai, 4th year Alexandru Lupu, 4th year Ganea Tănase, 4th year Cuconoiu Nicolae Andrei, 4th year Vîlcu Ghiorghiță, won Mention.
The following prizes were also awarded:
  •  - Special participation prize: HELIX team consisting of students: Soiu Ionut Cristian, Chesaru Elis, Constantin David.
  •  - 6 participation prizes for the teams: Integers, K9_Ciungu_Mare, NFTRollOver, CODEBRIGADE, FILO, and HappyTeam.
Partners in this contest were the companies: CentricoSelir, Cleș, Thecon,, Intel, and Crystal System.
Details of the contest can be found at: