The dream of chocolate lovers has come true! Consumers now have a sugar-free, protein-rich product with a number of special ingredients. And this is due to the work of more than a year of a team of researchers from the Faculty of Food, Science and Engineering at "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galați, who created a recipe for protein chocolate. The product has no sugar or preservatives and  it contains a high percentage of balanced proteins in terms of the presence of essential amino acids.

Green Velvet - protein milk chocolate - is so named because the sugar is replaced with a 100% natural sweetener, patented, GREEN SUGAR, based on leaves of Stevia Rebaudiana and erythritol. The recipe is based on a protein mixture with high biological value, consisting of whey protein isolate and pea protein in the form of nuggets, which gives a pleasant, crunchy texture and provides more than 20% of the energy value of chocolate.

Protein chocolate was designed by a team of teachers from "Dunărea de Jos" University of Galați consisting of: head of works dr. Eng. Livia Patrașcu, prof. Dr. Eng. Iuliana Aprodu and head of works dr. Eng. Ina Vasilean (research project director). Green Velvet is the first of a series of six nutritionally optimized protein products, made in a research project, with the help and at the request of the economic agent SC LABORATOARELE REMEDIA SRL, interested in offering consumers healthy products, rich in protein, with particular nutritional purpose.

Protein chocolate is available by ordering online.