BLUACT - BLUegrowthcities in ACTion - is a network of seven European port cities: Piraeus (Greece), Matosinhos (Portugal), Burgas (Bulgaria), Mataro (Spain), Ostend (Belgium), Galati (Romania) and Salerno (Italy) with the purpose of sharing good practices on entrepreneurship in the blue economy.

The blue economy involves maintaining ecosystems in a natural evolution, so that people can sustainably benefit from the abundance of nature. The concept is a new social and economic structure, based mainly on innovation and capitalization of the entrepreneurial spirit, combining the orientation towards the market with sustainable products and services concerning the limited resources available and the protection of the environment.

The application of the blue economy strategies in Galati is feasible, the BLUACT project having as main objective the promotion of sustainable entrepreneurship in the field of the maritime and river economy, the stimulation of innovation and the creation of new jobs.

On October 14, 2019, Galati launched the business ideas competition, entitled Danube Growth Initiative, in specific fields of the blue economy, as follows:
- Advanced infrastructure development;
- Software development;
- Emissions reduction technologies;
- Energy efficiency systems;
- Advanced manufacturing technologies.

Details about the competition and its rules are available on the dedicated website and the Facebook page Danube Growth Initiative.

The contest is addressed to all those who want to set up a start-up in Galati, the academic environment, the economic agents who want to launch/develop/ reorient the field of activity, engineers, economists, IT-you, whose ideas can be transposed into commercial companies that will create new jobs and ensure a sustainable development of the blue economy at Mile 80 of the Danube.