The European Documentation Centre for Marketing Analysis in Industry and Agriculture (CDEAMIA), coordinated by D. E. Zeca ( organised on December 14, 2016, in the Senate Hall, the international workshop on the topic: Globalization remodels the way we learn, teach, relate to one another, work and do business. The special guest was the Indian researcher Pradeep Kumar PhD.

The conclusions of the discussions carried out during the workshop highlight the fact that the globalisation phenomenon remodels the socio-economic aspect of most countries in the world.

What is happening in today’s world is a fusion that leads to blurring the boundaries between biological, technological and digital areas. The digital revolution achieved connections between scientists, environmental education, finances, suppliers and consumers, so that the speed of transmitting the information and innovations is one that humankind has never known before.

The process is still ongoing, globalization and the fourth industrial revolution are in the same time cause and effect. The answer to these challenges must be an integrated one and must involve all environments: academic, economic, technological, entrepreneurship and social.

Interactions and collaborations are needed to create synergies that allow countries to participate and benefit from the transformations under way.