"Dunărea de Jos" University of Galati

Students from Erasmus+ partner universities may spend one or two semesters at our university within the Erasmus+ Programme. The student must be nominated for an Erasmus+ mobility at “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati by his/her home university. Therefore, you cannot apply for an Erasmus+ mobility by yourself directly.

Please contact the Erasmus/International Office in your home university in order to be nominated as an Erasmus+ student at “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati (Erasmus code: RO GALATI01). This implies that an Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreement, assigned to a relevant field of study, exists between the two universities, stipulating that the study period in the signatory institutions will be mutually recognised.
Your home Erasmus/International Office will subsequently send us the official nomination by e-mail to erasmus @ugal.ro, with the information below:
  • your name, surname and email address,
  • period of study,
  • field of study,
  • year of study and level (bachelor’s/master’s/doctoral programme).
 Deadlines for student nomination

  Autumn semester: 15 June
  Spring semester: 15 December

After nomination by the home university, the application file that needs to be submitted by the student includes the SCAN of the documents listed below. The application file will be sent to the Erasmus Office in our university, by email to erasmus @ugal.ro. The ORIGINALS will be brought to the Erasmus Office upon your arrival in Galati!

1. Application Form, signed by your Erasmus coordinator. The form will be filled in only electronically. After printing it, please attach a passport size photo of yours in the specified place.
2. Learning Agreement Form. Please fill in the Learning Agreement using the information from the Course Catalogue offered. You are free to choose your courses from different faculties in order to fulfill your study plan. Print your Learning Agreement in two originals (signed by you, the departmental/faculty coordinator and the institutional coordinator, and stamped): one for the faculty you will be registered at, and the second for you, after its approval.
3. Accomodation Form. “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati provides accommodation for Erasmus+ students in our Student Campus. To apply, please fill in the Accommodation form with your data. After printing it, attach a passport size photo of yours in the specified place.
4. Transcript of records,
5. 2 passport size photos.

 Deadlines for sending the documents

  Autumn semester: 15 July
  Spring semester: 15 January

The academic year usually begins around October 1st and ends in June or July. Depending on the faculty, a bachelor’s degree takes 3 to 6 years to complete, whereas a master’s degree takes 2 years (4 semesters). In the latter case, the courses are held in the afternoon to also allow employed  students to attend.

Semesters – two per year (14 weeks each) with the total class time of 20 to 28 hours per week.

Autumn semester – begins around October 1st, includes the Christmas holiday (2 weeks) and ends in February, after the winter exam session (3 weeks).

Spring semester – starts in the second half of February (after a 1-week holiday following the winter exam session), includes the Easter holiday (1 week) and ends in June/July with the summer exam session (3 weeks) (depending on the faculty and the duration of the internship).

Examination sessions
  • winter and spring sessions (3 weeks each),
  • autumn session (2 weeks in September).

The standard unit of study is the semester. The number of ECTS credits that you are expected to receive is 30 for one semester (or 60 for one academic year), in order to obtain full academic recognition at your home institution.

The official grading system in Romania is as follows:
  • marks from 1 to 10 (1-4=Fail; 5-10=Pass)
  • the value of local credits corresponds to ECTS credits.
You may have an idea on ECTS grading scale for Romanian grades:

ECTS grades Romanian grades Definition of scale interval
A 10 Excellent
B 9 Very good
C 7-8 Good
D 6 Satisfactory
E 5 Sufficient
FX 4 Fail
F 1-3 Fail