According to the provisions of the Code of Doctoral Studies and of its own Statute, the Council for Doctoral Studies of UDJG (CSUD-UDJG) ensures the operational management of the institution in charge with organizing university PhD studies (henceforth, IOSUD-UDJG) by virtue of the following decisional competences:
  • Strategy-making for IOSUD-UDJG; 
  • Drafting of the Statute of the doctoral studies; 
  • Approval of the foundation/dissolution of the doctoral schools and of the affiliation of the scientific advisors to a doctoral school of IOSUD-UDJG
  • Drafting of the proposals for allotting the budgetary allotment and the income from the tuition fees for funding the PhD studies programmes;
  • Making proposals in regard to the expenses of the doctoral activities pursued in IOSUD-UDJG
  • Coordination of partnerships with other institutions in charge with organising university PhD studies and other international institutions;
  • Fulfilling other responsibilities provisioned by the Statute.
Members of the Council for Doctoral Studies of UDJG (CSUD-UDJG)
First name/ Last name Position/ Contact details Faculty
Professor Eugen-Victor-Cristian RUSU, corresponding member of the Romanian Academy Director/Vice-Rector in charge with the doctoral activities
email: eugen.rusu
Faculty of Engineering
Professor Gabriela-Elena BAHRIM Member/Vice-Rector in charge with the scientific research activity. Coordinator of the fields: Industrial Engineering, Food Engineering and Biotechnologies
email: gabriela.bahrim
Faculty of Food Science and Engineering
Professor Lidia BENEA Member
email: lidia.benea
Faculty of Engineering
Professor habil. Alina-Daniela CRIHANĂ Member
email: crihanoali
Faculty of Letters
Professor Cătălin FETECĂU Member
email: catalin.fetecau
Faculty of Engineering
Professor Puiu-Lucian GEORGESCU Member/ President of the University Senate
email: lucian.georgescu
Faculty of Sciences and Environment
Professor habil. Silviu-Dan LUPAȘCU Member – Coordinator the field History
email: slupascu
Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology
PhD Candidate Arseni MAXIM Member
email: maximarseni
Faculty of Sciences and Environment
Professor Doinița-Marcela MILEA Member/ Coordinator of the field Philology
email: doimil
Faculty of Letters
Professor Luminița MORARU Member - Coordinator of the field Industrial Engineering,
Faculty of Sciences and Environment
email: luminita.moraru
Faculty of Sciences and Environment
Professor habil. Gabriela RÂPEANU Member
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Faculty of Food Science and Engineering