Galati's nightlife can be easily matched with the one that you usually see in other European countries and cities. There is something for everyone here, and the lively people and the great atmosphere make any choice as a good one for a night out. Whether you are having a traditional dinner in a fancy restaurant, get a cheap and tasty beer in a student's bar or just dancing all night long in a posh nightclub among beautiful Romanian women. In the weekends it is possible to party starting from evening to the dawn. Come and check it out yourself! Students like to gather in bars and have cappuccinos and cocktails. It is a great way to spend few hours with your friends and check the local atmosphere. Locals also love to go in underground pubs, with good live music and medieval atmosphere.
The nightclubs are the favourite places for the wealthy to steam off, but students also love the hip-hop haunts and the latest sounds of the pop charts. The entrance fees are much lower than the western ones. Generally, the safety in Romanian nightclubs is not a problem.

Enjoy student life!