The Danube Growth Initiative contest is at the second marathon event for Galați ( On 12 December, at 9.30, at Danubius University, a second hackathon will take place, where people who wish to implement their business ideas in areas belonging to the blue economy (environmental protection, public food industry, tourism, IT, naval) can participate.

The Danube Growth Initiative contest ( is an entrepreneurial competition launched by the City Hall of Galați within the BLUACT project (BLUegrowth cities in ACTion), in which “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati is partner.

The project is funded through the EU's URBACT III program, which helps cities develop sustainable and pragmatic solutions in the field of economic, social and environmental integration.

The competition is open to all those who want to set up a start-up in Galați, the academic environment, the economic agents who want to launch / develop / reorient the field of activity, engineers, economists, IT, whose ideas can be transposed into commercial companies and which would create new jobs and ensure a sustainable development of the blue economy of the Danube’s Mila 80.

Professor Camelia Vizireanu, PhD
Local Group Coordinator URBACT, BLUACT – BLUegrowth cities in ACTion project